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Avatar: The Last Airbender Minificathons

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Created on 2010-04-05 01:46:30 (#495314), last updated 2010-09-01 (372 weeks ago)

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Name:Avatar: The Last Airbender Minificathons
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Community description:Avatar: The Last Airbender
Welcome to Avatar Minis! This community was inspired by that of [ profile] femslash_minis over on LJ. Once a month, we'll run another round, focusing on a different character each time (which character will be decided by vote) -- requests of gen, slash, het, poly, or anything else you can think of are all permitted. There's a 500-word minimum count, and the final gift is due within ten days of assignment.

When posting your story, do make use of the lj-cut (or a fake cut leading to the post at your journal; we're not picky). We require headers, including all of the following information:
Pairing: If any; if not, say "gen".
Prompt: Include who you wrote it for here.
Warnings: Warnings are required (but graying them out is allowed); if there's no content to warn for, don't leave the field out -- say "none" here.
Feel free to add other things as you feel necessary, but these are all required.

We encourage -- but don't require -- participants to crosspost to our Collection over at the Archive Of Our Own! If you need an AO3 invite, contact the mod, [personal profile] sohotrightnow, via PM.

Off-topic posts, and fic not written as part of an exchange, will be deleted.
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